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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 8, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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early. stay warm and dry. darr remembering elizabeth. family, friends and political figures pay tribute to the life of elizabeth edwards who lost her battle with cancer on tuesday. we'll have the story of the final days and hear from some of those closest to her. angry democrats. president obama defending the controversial tax cut deal with republicans as members of his own party threaten to rise up and block it. we'll ask a top white house adviser what happens now? and break down. a cruise ship with more than 100 americans aboard loses an engine on the way back from antarctica. all of this, of course, a few weeks after the four-day nightmare at sea. we'll bring you the latest on the rescue efforts early this wednesday morning, december 8th, the rescue efforts early this wednesday morning, december 8th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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good wednesday morning to you. i'm erica hill. >> i'm harry smith. good morning, everybody. >> this, of course, 24 hours we told you that elizabeth edwards stopped the cancer treatment. well, turned out she had much less time left than anyone could have guessed. she died yesterday at the north carolina home. her three surviving children we're told was at her side and her estranged husband john edwards. the family said, we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence but she is the heart of this family. >> for more on the life and death of elizabeth edwards, let's go to cbs news correspondent elaine quijano, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. behind me is the edwards' family home where elizabeth edwards surrounded by family aends friend eventually lost her
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battle with cancer tuesday morning. >> we are all going to die. and i pretty much know what i'm going to die of now but i do -- i do want to live as full and normal a life as i can from this point on. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards endured a brave battle with cancer over six years. in her final interview in september on "the nate berkus show" she acknowledged the difficulties of the sickness and troubled marriage. >> everybody i think been through what i have been through in my marriage or been through with disease or lost somebody they cared about have days they pull the cover over their heads and stay put. >> sure. >> reporter: her life brought measures of triumph and tragedy. in 1996, the unthinkable happened. she lost her 16-year-old wade in a car accident. then eight years later, as her husband john's campaign for the vice presidency ended, she learned she had stage 3 breast
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cancer. >> cancer doesn't care that you have young children who need their mother. >> reporter: she fought the cancer into remission but in 2007 during her husband's run for president, it returned. this time, it was not curable. >> it's important that the american people have the opportunity to have a president like him and i can't deprive him of that. >> reporter: she stood by john after the private agony and then public humiliation of learning of an affair with a campaign member. >> i made a serious mistake. >> reporter: when he admitted he fared the child, she decided to separate. >> parts that were primarily pain but in the end, you know, you reach for the thing that is are going to give you comfort, the beautiful things, you know, your children. the people that you love. >> reporter: through all of her struggles, elizabeth chose to fight for those less fortunate. >> and millions of americans living without coverage. >> reporter: a fight president obama acknowledged in a statement saying our country
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benefited from the voice she gave to the cause of building a society that lifts up those left behind. in her novel "resilience" she made it clear her legacy lives on through her children. >> i do know that when they're older and telling their children about their grandmother they will be able to say that she stood in the storm. and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards was 61 years old, funeral arrangements are pending. harry? >> elaine quijano in chapel hill, north carolina, thank you. joining us are two friends of the family, jennifer palmieri and glenn bergenfield. we thank you very much joining us this morning and please accept our condolences. jennifer, let me start with you. elizabeth from everything we read was clearly in charge in these last weeks and days of her life. what did she want most and what
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did she want others to get and understand? >> uh-huh. well, she really wanted to not just -- she wanted to leave behind a message to not just her family and friends and we were grateful to be able to have time with her the past few days but for the people that she had met along the way that read her books and that's why she wanted to most the message she did on the facebook page which was to, you know, even at the end of her life to reassure people that she still felt that living a life that was filled with hope and really believing in resilience gave meaning to her life and she said to me, as you know, i know that it doesn't mean you have more days, it doesn't. if you're fighting cancer. but it does mean that the days you have are going to be better and, you know, she thought that was the challenge of life to make the most of the days you had and she felt very good about that.
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>> glenn, you were friends with edwards going all the way back to law school. what do you think elizabeth's most important trait was? >> right. well, i want to think about what jennifer was saying. one of the things that elizabeth did for all of us was sort of prepare us while she was going through what she was going through, the difficulties of preparing herself to die, she was getting us all ready, as well. i think we have been at the house for a few days and we've all been talking about exactly that. how it is that she took that burden on herself and did it like everything else she did in her life without any complaint at all. >> jennifer, so interesting because it's clear as we said at the beginning she seemed to be in charge of all of this. understand john was there. was she at peace with that? >> yes. i mean, i can't speak for her about their relationship but they -- i guess i would say they were a family and, you know,
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john and elizabeth were separated but that family with the children stayed intact and they will remain a family and when the family put out a statement yesterday, they noted that elizabeth, we don't have her physical presence but she is the heart of that family. >> glenn, just for a moment, if you could talk about her legacy. because she did mean an awful lot to a lot of people and one of the things that jennifer was alluding to is this notion that she wanted understood she did not lose her battle with cancer. >> yes. and i think she didn't lose the battle with cancer. she didn't lose her battle with all of the troubles that may have bessette the rest. i think the legacy is exactly that, that you keep going and elizabeth seemed unafraid of anything i ever saw. i have known her since as you were suggesting since 1974, since the first week of law
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school and i haven't seen her afraid and she's faced into the most horrendous, the loss of a child. and she's done it with grace and i've seen her many times people have come up to her and put a head down on her shoulder, crying. she manages to reassure that no matter what the difficulty is that one can go on in this life. that's her legacy as far as i'm concerned. >> glenn and jennifer, we thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us this morning. appreciate it. >> sure. >> thank you. now here's erica. >> harry, thanks. turning to politics, president obama has some issues this morning with the fellow democrats threatening to scuttle the agreement to extend the bush era tax cuts. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has the latest from the white house. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. democrats are furious thinking the president gave away the store. he says he had no choice. here's the president in a news conference tuesday, the
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president said he agreed to the compromise because he didn't want the people to be collateral damage in a political fight. >> i think it is tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers unless the hostage gets harmed. then people will question the wisdom of that strategy. in this case, the hostage was the american people. and i was not willing to see them get harmed. >> reporter: the deal includes a two-year extension of the tax cuts for everyone. including the highest earners. it extends unemployment benefits for 13 months for the long-term jobless and cuts everyone's social security tax by 2 percentage points for one year. republican leaders argue the compromise makes good economic sense. they point out that the deal extends several tax credits from the president's stimulus package, including the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit. >> i think the vast majority of my members will be supporting it. >> reporter: liberal democrats and allies in the senate say
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president obama broke his campaign promise to block any extension of the bush tax cuts for wealthy americans. following a spirited meeting late tuesday, liberal democrats expressed their outrage. >> i don't know. i don't think that the president should count on democratic votes to get this deal passed. it's -- i mean, i think there are a lot of people who are concerned that it wasn't a very good deal and that more needs to get done. >> reporter: but the president threw down a challenge to democrats who say that he has not done what he promised to do. >> take a tally. look at what i promised during the campaign. there's not a single thing that i've said that i would do that i have not either done or tried to do. and if i haven't gotten it done yet, i'm still trying to do it. >> reporter: bottom line, this deal probably won't be pass until the democrats get some changes. erica? >> bill plante at white house this morning, thanks. also joining us from the white house this morning, david axelrod, senior adviser to the president. we saw the president really on the offensive yesterday and bill
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noted there's concern that the bill will, in fact, not pass and plenty of folks come out noting the resistance to it. senator bernie sanders saying0f he'll do everything he can to block it. senator reid said it's a framework. what's on the agenda today for the president and democrats to help get it passed and get the votes? >> well, look. erica, any compromise is by definition something is going to have things that each side don't like and that was true here. the republicans fought the thing they valued the most were the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and wealthy estates. the vast majority of the tax cuts in the package are aimed right at the middle class and here's the reality of the situation. if we don't act, on january 1st, taxes will go up by $3,000 on the typical family in this country. if we don't act, 2 million people
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unemployment insurance as of the end of this month. that is just an unacceptable price to have a political standoff. no one can tell you on the -- on our side of the aisle that we had two votes on this to eliminate the tax cuts for the wealthy. we couldn't pass that bill. and we're not going to have a better chance to do that after january 1st so we're looking at a long kind of political kabuki dance that would end in a compromise at as good as this and taxes would go up and people thrown off the unemployment insurance. that is not a good idea. i think people think about this. they're going to focus on the consequences of inaction and we are going to get something done. >> so you're confident this is going to pass. a lot of other things, though, remain undone especially in the waning days of a democratically-controlled kronk. don't ask, don't tell. the s.t.a.r.t. treaty.
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any of the other things tackled or even accomplished before there is this change of power? >> well, we certainly hope so. i don't think the american people sent their representatives and senators here to sit around these weeks. they want them to get the business of the country done. and those are important pieces of business. important for our national security. obviously, the tax cuts are important for our economy. just yesterday, by the way, economists across the board revised their predictions for economic growth and job creation upwards significantly based on this tax package and their assumption to pass and it would energize our economy, so we have got a lot of work to do in the next few weeks and we expect them to move forward on all of these matters. >> a period before the holidays that's busy. thank you for your time. >> thank you. lots of this morning. jeff glor at the news december westbrook the headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you, harry. good morning, everyone. a cruise ship that broke down in
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a rough storm in the antarctic is limping home this morning. 160 people on board. it was returning to argentina yesterday and high seas knocked out an engine. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer has more. >> reporter: the captain said in nearly 160 trips to the antarctic peninsula, never seen such power. clelia 2 lost power and communications after a 30-foot wave washed over the bridge and took out windows. the ship sailing from the antarctic peninsula back to arty that through the drake passage. this video was filmed from another ship, the national geographic explorer which saw it in distress and stopped to monitor the situation. crew members were able to rig a line to send a satellite phone over to the crippled ship. the chilean navy is sailing to
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the rescue and reported to be many hours away. meanwhile, the clelia 2 on reduced engine power is slowly making the way back to port. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. this morning, hackers believed to be associated with wikileaks crashed mastercard's website. they blocked donations to wikileaks and the attack is an apparent payback. the latest documents meanwhile shed more light on the controversial release of locker by bomber abdel basset al megra megrahi. libya threatened repercussions if he died in jail. another cable titled david letterman, agent of influence, says satellite broadcasts of shows like letterman doing more to swer per suede saudi youth to reject extremism than u.s. propaganda is. 30 years ago today john lennon was killed, he was shot here in new york and "rolling
7:16 am
stone" magazine released the final interview three days before the murder and railed against the kritdices saying they want to, quote, dead lennon also said there was quote plenty of time to explore the things he wanted to do. it's 16 minutes past the hour right now. a moment of silence tonight at 10:15 here in new york, the moment he died. >> strawberry field. >> dave price, good morning. >> good morning. snow continues in places like buffalo where your parents are donated. they have sold the home and m e moved into an igloo. >> taking a note. >> take a check. it goes on and on and on and coming and. the lake-effect snow machine change to change. winds out of the north and west, today should begin to die down. places in new york, 40
7:17 am
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>> at 7:17, the first look at the weather. >> all right, thanks, dave. >> thanks. still ahead, the desperate search for a missing virginia girl. you see her here with a man police believe kidnapped her and killed her mother. stores work hard to get you to spend, especially this time of year. we'll show you exactly what they do and how to beat them at their game. that's coming up on "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] olay professional pro-x.
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just ahead this morning, police are looking for a 12-year-old girl, missing for five days now. her mother found slain in the home and they've now released the picture of the mother's boyfriend and of the two of them in walmart. they think he may have kidnapped her, a lot of questions. we're going to try to get them answered this morning.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. another chilly day ahead for some students in oakland. henry kaiser elementary school is one of the schools that turned off its heat during the long thanksgiving weekend. but it needs a new part before the heat can be turned back on. that part is expected to arrive by the end of the week. san francisco supervisors plan to talk today about the financial issues involved in hosting the america's cup. the city is in the running to have the race here in 2013. it could mean more than $1 billion for the bay area but some city leaders are worried that the cost just wouldn't be worth it. and the santa claus who was fired by macy's in san francisco has landed a new job. that 68-year-old john toomey will be santa at lefty o'doul's. he will help the san francisco fire department with its annual toy drive.
7:26 am
macy's fired toomey saturday after an adult couple complained about some jokes he made when they went to sit on santa's lap. a look at traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. ,,,, [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year. i want a robosan 4000. [ mom ] the one no one could get. toy stores are reporting long lines and empty shelves. a robosan 4000. [ mom ] and i mean no one. so i did most of my holiday shopping on citi specials. with the money i saved, i bid online -and got exactly what he wanted. -a robosan 4000! [ television ] introducing the new robosan 5000.
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[ mom ] at least for now. [ male announcer ] make your happy holiday stories come true with citi specials. what's your story? citi can help you write it. ♪ i gotta make this holiday glow, like a light bulb ♪ ♪ ♪ tie it all up in a big shiny bow. i'm a "home for the holiday" superhero ♪ ♪ mrs. claus ain't got nothin' on me. i'm dancin' circles ♪ ♪ around the christmas tree. good morning. let's start off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had that earlier three-car crash on the upper deck near
7:28 am
the "s" curve quickly moved off to the shoulder and out of lanes. we are left with a good sized backup. some of our he could workers are coming in here saying, what was going on at the bay bridge, some of our coworkers asking. a big bay bridge you about. the eastshore freeway is jammed up, as well. 40 minutes on the westbound eight from the carquinez bridge to the maze. bart is a good option. it's on time as well as ace, muni and caltrain. elsewhere 880 through oakland still looks good near the coliseum. if you are heading southbound 880 near fremont, an accident there. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning does include a whole lot of rainfall, take a look at your hi-def doppler. it's been coming down in buckets in parts of the north bay just to the north of san rafael. we have a line of heavier rainfall as well as moving into the stockton area and moving just out of livermore and more rainfall off the coastline that will be moving in through the morning. forecast for today, showers expected for the morning and the afternoon.
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>> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. have you already bought too many christmas gifts? >> i have not bought a single one. i am in trouble. there is shopping in my future. >> you are in deep stuff. >> i know. >> there may be a reason for that. the reason you haven't gone to the store is because you know you're going to go and spend too much money. >> that's exactly it. >> well, the reason behind that is the stores have put this down to a science. they've got it down to a science. >> they are after me and my money. >> coming up, susan koeppen will give you the five shopping
7:31 am
secrets that will keep your money in your pocket, where you want it to be, as you go into the mall or the big department stores. >> that's also why i haven't gone shopping yet, waiting for the tips from her. also the peak flu season doesn't start until next month but health officials are warning are everyone should get a flu shot and there is still plenty of time for you to do that. dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us why those shots are so important and, also, some important tips keeping your family healthy this winter. first, a desperate search under way for a 12-year-old virginia girl, missing since her mother was found dead in their home. jeff glor is joining us with the the days on the story are chilling. >> indeed, erica. good morning to you. police investigating the death of tina smith as a homicide and they believe smith's boyfriend has her daughter. >> police are searching for 12-year-old brittany mae smith missing five days now. her mother, 41-year-old tina smith was found slain's in her roanoke countsy home on monday.
7:32 am
smith's 32-year-old boyfriend jeffrey eadely is suspected of taking brittany. they believe this photo of the kpo leaving a walmart on friday where easily use tina's missed credit card. his own family is pleading to bring brit inn back. >> just take her somewhere and drop her off, call 911 or give me a call, come to the house do whatever you need to do. we'll help you work this out. >> reporter: they met online and authorities say he moved in with her in october, but an online exchange last friday between mother and daughter indicated troubles at home. on brittany's myspace page, smith wrote to her daughter, everything happens for a reason, brit. i love you. jeffrey responded i love you, too. trust me. everything will work out. an amber alert issued monday. driving a silver dodge neon. police say brittany may have
7:33 am
left with him willing will, maybe a relationship, but warned she may still be in danger. >> and police should know the exact cause of tina smith's death later today when autopsy results are released. >> jeff, thanks. roanoke county police chief is overseeing the search this morning from roanoke, virginia. good to have you with us, sperp what's the latest this morning? any further leads that may have come in overnight or given a better indication where brittany may be. >> no, ma'am. we haven't received anything overnight that we feel would be helpful to us. >> we saw that walmart video. we see wa appear, to be brittany in the video with jeffrey. do you believe they are, in fact, together. >> we really don't know at this time. it's been almost a week since we've had any information that they have bp together or been seen, and it gives us a great deal of concern, but at this point in time, i think we have to go on the theory that they're
7:34 am
still together and they're still in that gray dodge. >> there's been speculation about what the actual nature of their relationship is. any frtser information on that and did the walmart video show you anything in particular that gave you a clue as to their relationship? >> no. it didn't give us anything that would indicate any type of a relationship. >> is jeffrey easily a person of interest in the death of tina? >> we haven't concentrated on that. our main objective is to find the 12-year-old girl, and i think once we finder that will open a lot of doors for us and we can concentrate on the homicide investigation. >> i know it's part of your investigation to find brittany. blee pleas are out on twitter, myspace, facebook. are you learning anything from
7:35 am
the social networking sites from hosts there? >> that's kind of a frustration for us. we haven't been able to get the cooperation from some of the social media centers, like faisbofai facebook that we would like to and have we feel there may be helpful information there, but we simp hi have not gotting the cooperation we would like at this time. >> there were online exchanges and alluding to perhaps a difficult time between brittany and her mother
7:36 am
up next, we are exposing five shopping secrets stores use to make you spend more money. spend more no more. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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consumers will spend an
7:40 am
estimated $447 billion this holiday season. stores figured out how to make you spend even more. "early show" consumer correspondent susan koeppen has a lesson in the secret science of shopping. >> good morning, harry. shoppers out there probably think they have shopping down to a science, but stores really have it down a science. they can buy stuff you didn't eve known you wanted to buy. i went out with an expert who showed me how stores get a suspend. get us to spend. >> reporter: from the music to the lights,s when it comes to holiday shopping, department stores leave nothing to chance. >> when you walk into store, nothing is by accident. >> nothing is by accident at all. >> reporter: john long is an expert in the science of retail. he took me to bloomingdale's in new york city where i learned how stores entice shoppers to spend. >> there is a lot of science behind what we buy and how we buy. >> reporter: secret number sen.
7:41 am
>> i need buy a pot or pan. >> right. >> or baking dish? >> right. i need something for my kitsch. >> reporter: secret two, one to show and one to go. a retailer wraps gifts for you. >> in and out of the store quickly, your shopping experience a simple one. >> reporter: show and go can increase sales up to 50%. secret three, the end cap. putting merchandise at the end of an aisle. >> a way of creating desire. by putting these items out here people are walking by. >> reporter: how much will that increase sales? >> typically, 50%. >> reporter: secret four, stack up high and watch them fly, creating a display of itemsceil >> it does bale to a customer, want to see what's good about it. >> reporter: stacking up sales
7:42 am
up to 50%. secret number five, the solution sale. putting a variety of items together. that can increase sales more than 100%. >> so you walk into the store, and you came in to buy a bowl. ary leaving with more than just a bowl, do you think, if you see this display? >> most likely. that is really the idea. to create a tempting and exciting display that gets consumers to think about buying additional pieces. >> reporter: tempting, tantalizing and making it easy. all that science really sells. >> merry christmas. >> to keep from buying things you don't want, write a list, stick to it and have a budget. don't spend more thatten planned. harry? >> to show everyone at home you are the great consumer advocate, you are not trainable. >> i was sucked in. as soon as i walked into bloomingdale's i saw things and -- >> four things you bought on
7:43 am
impulse buy and why. >> we have a makeup bag pap huge display of this make upbag. a tory perch, i loved it, had to have it, so i bought it. the gumballs. huge display. looks so cute and colorful and who doesn't want gum, right? >> nobody i know. >> then i have this plate, "cookies for santa" a classic trick in the department store. it was in a display in the middle of the aisle. i walked by, saw it and then the scarf looked warm and fuzzy. >> i don't think you need it. >> it's for a man. do want it, or we can give it to dave. >> i like it a lot. an imt pact worth acting on. susan koeppenance, thanks. the flu season is coming. is it too late to get a flu shot? we'll tell you. this is "the early show" on cbs. is is "the early show" on cbs. hey guys. sorry we're late. milk looks warm. finally got the whole gang together. maple brown sugar, strawberry delight, blueberry muffin. yeah, a little family reunion. [ wind rushes ] whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa!
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7:47 am
healthwatch, getting your flu shot. you may not have known it, this is national influenza vaccination week. this year for the very first time health officials are urging nearly everyone to have a flu shot. dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us, i didn't realize there was a national flu vaccination week until today. >> that's right. the flu season goes really through the end of march into april. it is not too late, really in the beginning of it. >> just in the start. that was my question, generally hear bit in the fall and everybody is freaking out and everybody has to dpet your shots and it was fairly quiet this year. >> right. >> but not a reason to avoid it. >> correct. this year the cdc recommended pretty much everyone over the aiks of six months old get vaccinated. the only difference, the qualification in the six months to nine years age group if it's the first time children are getting a flu shot they will need two doses separated by four weeks, everyone else, 9 and over can get one dose, the mist, the injectable form, you can get it now. >> and there's plenty of it this year, we should point out.
7:48 am
>> exactly. 160 million doses. >> only one dose this year. you don't need a separate h1n1. >> correct. what we see in terms of flu activity it's been quiet so far, luckily, erica, just high cases in the south, georgia, among school-aged children and a little in alabama but caution it is very early in the season t. takes two weeks to get the immune protection after you are vaks it that sod far too late tom get vaks it thatted. you can still get the protects. >> is there something different for people 65 and older. >> there is. it is four times stronger than the other dose. that's important for people 65 and older because their immune system can take a bit weaker, they take more of the flu antigen as we call it to get the protection. you can ask your doctor if you are 65 and over for that. >> you mentioned cases are popping up in georgia, last year h1n1, a dominant strain. is there a dominant strain
7:49 am
showing up. >> there is, this year the cdc, they track this weekly is seeing mostly h3n2, that's the strain, also strain b ever that type. but h1n1 in is still out there, good news it is in the vaccine. >> quick easy tips daily to protect ourselves. >> wash your hands cover your nose and mouth if kaufg and if you are sick or child is sick stay home, you are not doing yourself a favor or anyone else. >> thank you. we'll be right back with more. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. oe of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ i couldn't sleep right. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up.
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7:55 am
it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the san jose city council is urging the state's high- speed rail authority to keep studying the option of an underground tunnel downtown. yesterday a vote echoes concerns that an elevated track would be an eyesore. the rail authority has said a tunnel would be unfeesable, adding $2 billion to construction costs in san jose alone. some state lawmakers are criticizing the head of california's public utilities commission. assemblyman jerry hill and others meeting yesterday in san bruno the site of a deadly explosion and fire tied to a pg&e gas pipeline. he wrote a bill calling for utilities to prioritize pipeline repairs near a fault line and install valves that could automatically seal off a ruptured line. stay with us. we'll be right back. wet weather around the bay area
7:56 am
in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
all right. let's go it out to 280 in san jose. a lot of congestion in morning especially due to the rain. you could see a good drive time there. traffic really jammed up on northbound 280 right there approaching the 880 interchange. a lot of accidents popping up new ones popping up every five minutes or so. here's a new one in fairfield westbound 80 around the 680
7:58 am
interchange. an accident there multi-vehicle crash. in fact, blocking lanes. also westbound 237 silicon valley ride out towards zanker road there is an accident just cleared to the shoulder. unfortunately, it is still jammed solid as you leave milpitas. and the westbound highway 4 ride, just cleared, they just [ indiscernible ] port chicago highway. traffic is backed up to loveridge at pittsburg and you can see speeds are only averaging about 5 miles per hour. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. yes, it's all about the rainfall this morning. it is coming down pretty heavy out there so here we go. a batch -- a line of heavy rainfall moving toward mill valley, san rafael and also san francisco and more heavy rainfall moving into inverness. light showers into oakland, danville, hayward and fremont. that's illustrated by the that lighter shade of green that you see. forecast for today rainfall expected for the morning and rainfall still likely through the afternoon. temperatures today in the upper 50s. leftover showers through friday. sunshine on the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
and has is some good energy. >> yes, sir. >> chilly morning. great way to stay warm. come down here to the plaza. jump up and down and scream. >> yes. dress up like a -- >> a reindeer or a christmas tree. >> something, yeah. look good. >> anything else. welcome back to the "early show," everyone. i'm erica hill along with harry smith. a lot to get to including more on the life of elizabeth edwards who lost her long battle with cancer yesterday. joined by two friends who have known the family many years. both at the edwards' home this week to let us know how the family is getting along this morning. also coming up and on a much lighter note we have more
8:01 am
perfect presents for any budget. right? because we went from $100 to $50. >> yep. $25 now p. now we're at $25 or less. you'll have to take our word for it, even though we can't show them to you just yet. we will open these boxes in a few minutes and you will be so pleased. >> so pleased that you'll want to buy every single one of them. first, though, we want to get you a check of the news. jeff glor standing by at the newsdesk, where it's nice and toasty. >> guys, i will pay you good money if you can score me one of those hats. >> all right. >> awesome. >> could be arranged. >> good morning, guys. >> you have wear it. >> i will. good morning, everyone. the white house is trying to win over democrats angry over the tax cut deal with made with republicans. vice president biden is meeting with white house democrats -- with house democrats, i should say, late forward. house democratic leaders met last night frustrated by the agreement giving tax breaks to everyone.
8:02 am
one lawmaker won't recommend to colleagues and congressman andy weiner called it a bad deal that wasn't skillfully negotiated. >> i don't think that the president should count on democratic votes to get this deal passed. i mean, i think there are a lot of people who are concerned that it wasn't very good deal and that more needs to get done. >> this morning presidential adviser david axelrod told erica he thinks the deal will pass because there may not be a better one out there. >> we're looking at a long kind of political kabuki dance here that would ultimately nend a compromise not nearly as good as this and meantime taxes go up on people across the country and people thrown off unemployment. that's just not good idea. >> president obama says extending the fight might be good politics but it's bad for the economy. a cruise ship that broke down in the antarctic is limping home this morning. it was returning to argentina yesterday when a storm knocked out one of its engines. the luxury cruise ship was
8:03 am
caught in extremely high seas an winds of 55 miles an hour. you see the video. the breakdown caused what's described as serious handling limitations. a nearby ship did offer assistance. none of the passengers were injured an the argentine navy says the situation right now is under control. dramatic new details this morning of a close call at boston's logan airport last month. jetblue flight 1264, the up e left of your screen, had just landed with 91 passengers the night before thanksgiving. it was supposed to taxi left to its gate, but by mistake, it turned right. that put it dangerously close a runway just as another jetblue flight in the lower portion of your screen there moving towards the middle was speeding up about to take off. a quick thinking controller thankfully ordered flight 1264 to stop. >> jetblue, 1264 hold right there. hold. hold. >> because the plane did not actually cross the runway the faa does not consider it a
8:04 am
runway incursion. more bitter cold weather across the northeast this morning, and snow in randolph new york, more than 40 inches of snow since sunday, and it's still snowing. more lake-effect snow warnings issued in the northeast today. four minutes past the hour right now. back outside, not snowing right here, but still not very warm outside. dave price. >> nope. nope. but, jeff that applause is for one of tonawanda's biggest sons, makes us proud today. years of lake-effect snow, jeff glor. how about a hand for him? i don't know, jeff, hearty people in the areas up towards watertown, erie, it is going to die off today. winds will begin to lessen. keep in mind, still a breeze coming out of the north and the
8:05 am
west. that's why we're calling for up to eight inches of snow in some areas where in some locations in that region you've already received 40 inches of snow in the past several days. oh. all right. let's widen out the picture and travel around
8:06 am
this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> from perth, australia, where it is very much summer right now. that's a quick look at your weather pick color. erica, back inside to you. >> dave, thanks. just ahead, more on the life and legacy of liz whether edwards, join by two of the family's long time friends. this is "the early show" on cbs. elizabeth edwards, two of the family's long time friends. this is the "early show" on cbs. q
8:07 am
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8:10 am
all morning we've been remembering elizabeth edwards to died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. joining us from chappaquiddick, ell ellis. you were with wade, the son who tragically died with the age of 16. you remained close to mr. and mrs. edwards. what was that like for you and what did you notice about why it was so important for mrs. edwards to stay close to her son's friends? >> it was extremely important. their house was the place that we all went to growing up. we hung out there, and there was a lot of interaction with both
8:11 am
john and elizabeth, but elizabeth was always there and loved to engage in conversation, and so when wade passed, that important piece of guys just showing up at the house, walking through the unlocked door, and just simply hanging out was a piece that she never wanted to let go of, and we didn't either. so one great thing that was established is that after wade passed, every thursday night there would be a pizza party over there with the guys and the girls that hung out there before, just to be with john and elizabeth, and that was something that everyone really cherished, and i know for me personally when i went away to college, every time i came back into town, that would be on the to-do list, to go by there and see her, and that relationship lasted all the way up, you know, through yesterday. >> you paid such a beautiful -- paint a beautiful picture of this warm, welcoming household.
8:12 am
christina, as i understand it, there were a number of people in and out of over the past few day there's to provide comfort, some support. what was the feeling like that was in the home this week as people were coming to say good by and to say, thank you? >> i think it's sad for all of us, because there will never be another elizabeth and we all miss her, but she's been working for a long time to sort of prepare the children especially, but to help prepare all of us, and you know, there's been good spirits as people share memories of elizabeth and there are a lot of memories of elizabeth, and shared stories and she was -- she was who she is when you see her on television. people that have met her, she was a character. smart, engaging and funny, and there are a lot of stories and we've all been sharing those and we took our strength from her and so we've all been grateful to get to share that together. >> christina mentioned the preparation that has been going on for some time as we've known,
8:13 am
for the three surviving children kate, emma claire and jack. ellis, how are they coping at this point? es specially the two youngest? >> you know, i think that they're doing well, given the circumstances. what's really amazing, having been at the house these past few days, is that the strength that whether it starts at jack and emma claire and goes you know, through cate and john and her brother and sister who are there and all of us who are there, is that all of our strength really, the foundation of it has come from elizabeth, and it's amazing to see somebody who is the one suffering and who passes as the one who has been the foundation of all of the strength and courage to kind of get help, you know, people to get through these past couple of days. that was kind of her
8:14 am
nurturing -- yeah. that was who elizabeth was. i mean, she was, of course, a second mother to all the guys growing up, but she had that kind of maternal nurturing instinct with everyone she came across with, and i think that's why people across the country are really feeling this attachment with elizabeth and such a great loss, because a lot of folks out there had this attachment with her. >> and that does appear to about what her legacy will be. christina, anything else you'd like to add? you traveled consistently with her on the trail during the campaigns and her cancer was often a focus of what people would talk to her about. >> that's true, and i remember talking to her about -- we had wonderful times and fun times on the bus, and -- but after events it was the only time i've ever seen her late, was that she would stay until she talked to every last person who wanted to talk to her. and i asked her once if that was hard, because so many people
8:15 am
wanted to talk about their own -- their own touches with cancer, or family connections, and she said, how do i not do that? you know, if i can provide strength for someone else, then i owe that to people who want to come talk to me and provide strength to me. and that sort of who elizabeth was, and she wanted to give that back to people. >> christina reynolds, ellis roberts, thank you for being with us and sharing your memories. >> yes. thank you. >> thank you. we'll be right back. you're watching the rsh railr i" on cbs. ooh, a brainteaser. how can expedia now save me even more on my hotel? well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad.
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8:18 am
all this week we've shown presents for every budget. showed you gifts at $100 or less and by friday wonderful tree gifts. this morning everything we have in these boxes is for $25 or less. an here to show us is elaine griffin, contributesing design editor for "better homes and gardens" magazine. better go to the newsstand and get that right now. good morning. how are you? >> good morning. >> i'm so excited to finds out what is underneath each one of these packages. >> we have seven fabulous gifts here, all under 25 buck sgls i'm going to start with this one.
8:19 am
and this is? >> for the .750 mil meter bottle. top of the morning to you. >> that works. >> i like this. >> it doesn't taste anything like champagne but looks awfully good in that glass. >> it looks great. >> doesn't it. >> for once, i wouldn't mind drinking that. >> here we go. what's next. >> and for the kids in your life, i'm crazy about these. >> what is that? >> they are crayon rocks. >> how cool is that? >> they are soy-based rocks invented by a physical therapist and help you develop your grip which helps you have prettier handwriting instead of like
8:20 am
chicken scratch. it is $24 for 64. >> look at that. looks good, right? >> we'll sell that at chistie's when you die. >> here we go. >> next up. it's called a butterfly in a jar from jimmy and no butterflies were harmed. >> wait. >> -- in the making of this toy. >> is that -- is that -- is that -- that's not a real butterfly. >> no. we have four different varieties. you can find these at lowe's and they are battery operated. >> you push that and -- >> uh-huh. >> like in a mason jar with holes and everything? >> it's fabulous. i think my cats would like that, as well. >> here we go. are you ready? >> ready. >> okay. crockpots are fabulous but if you live in a tiny apartment or are single, who has space for an enormous crockpot on their countertop? this is called the mini slow
8:21 am
cooker from proctor silex, 15 bucks, what's not to like. >> that's pretty good, if you're single. >> i just got married. >> what's this? >> love this! this is for the man or woman who has everything. they are called haikubes, for haiku, like scrabble. >> so, after dinner? >> yeah. >> you scramble the words. >> you do. for 25 bucks from do you remember the rules. >> seven syllables. >> moving right along whoimplts do you think you are talking to. are you ready? >> i am crazy about this. remember the '80s slap bam. >> yes. >> you put your nano ipod in it. >> see. and what happens? >> so, it's a watch and you've got your tunes. love this and it's 25 bucks from given technologies.
8:22 am
no relation dot com. >> last but not least. >> last but not least for the gardener in your life, it's a seven-in-one gardening tool from true temper, $15 at ma'am >> look at this thing. >> it does everything. >> wow. >> a blade on it. the whole thing is one foot exactly. >> exactly. >> right? it's a trowel. what we call this part is a trowel so that when you're planting your bulbs, you can dig deep in there and be able to place them in. >> fabulous. you can get the seeds, also, heirloom vegetable seeds from yankee harvest dot com. >> it could be the time of the year when you get those seed catalogs in the mail. >> exactly. >> we used to call that pornography for farmers. there you go. this is really good. i'm very, very impressed. thank you very much. we'll go back and try some of that beer again in a second. elaine griffin, thank you. for more perfect presents go to our website
8:23 am tomorrow, we continue our series with gifts that,, ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get it. ♪ ♪ i can't wait ♪ every little step, brings me closer to the gift. can't be late. ♪ ♪ rip it open in a second and it's time to play. ♪ ♪ i was up all night in anticipation feeling electric jewels of jubilation. ♪ ♪ yule tide carols from the local congregation. ♪ ♪ make it tough to hold my patience in check. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪
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with anthem blue cross, you're free to enjoy value like never before. accuse it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a suspect accused of running down and killing a woman in antioch has confessed to police. surveillance video apparently shows the suspects striking a woman with his truck and then dragging her for more than 50 feet. this is antioch's tenth homicide this year. today the city's mayor hopes to meet with police official to discuss stafferring problems. jerry brown will be meeting in sacramento to discuss the state budge deficit. he invited lawmakers and constitutional officers including a woman who is governor schwarzenegger's finance director. and students at several oakland schools still trying to learn in cold classrooms. henry kaiser elementary school has been without central heating since the thanksgiving break. the school turned it off to
8:26 am
save money but now needs a new part to get it running again. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
[ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? good morning. well, pretty much everywhere you're going expect it to take a little longer on this morning the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the macarthur maze. hefty drive times down the eastshore freeway. almost 45 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. still have a lot of accidents out there jamming up the
8:28 am
works. here's live look at 880 through oakland. it's kind of stop and go like that all the way out towards downtown oakland. southbound traffic heavy, as well. and highway 4 always kind of a mess, well it's even worse this morning. we had an earlier accident approaching port chicago highway. everything is clear but it's a mess getting into concord. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. well, it is just a mess out there. especially in parts of the north bay. and that's where it's been really coming down this morning. so here we go. the yellow and the orange heavy rainfall moving into bodega bay inverness and headed towards petaluma, novato, san rafael, mill valley and even into san francisco a long line of heavy showers moving towards the bay area. forecast for today, rainfall is expected for the morning, more rainfall on tap for the afternoon, and temperatures today in the upper 50s and a chance of showers thursday and friday. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
8:29 am
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8:30 am
on the plaza this morning, including stolen headgear. very nice. >> borrowed. >> borrowed. i'm on borrowed time. >> looks good. >> you know, if this news thing doesn't work out for you, i think they can use a backup reindeer nimplts fronts of the sled. >> your nose is not red. that's rudolph's position. >> i could -- >> it took him years to get tlimplts maybe a dancer, or prancer. >> are or vixen. >> thank you, harry. >> the first baby-boomers about to hit 65, who vowed they would never grow old. coming up, we'll ask if puzzles and brain teasers are, in fact, effective ways to keep our
8:31 am
memories, of us of a certain age, fresh and sharp. >> i think so. my father-in-law, big dave loves sudoku. >> big d. >> sharp guy. >> we'll ask a scientist. >> also is it better to gift or regift? you have to tell if you regift? seems every year one present you don't like. what do you do with it? what if someone is a serial bad gifter, can you tell them just don't bother? all those answers this morning as well you actually have to buy presents for, even those you don't know well. i need this segment. i'm so challenged bit. >> my wife is all over this right now. >> really? i'm going to call her later. >> she is a professional christmas gifter. >> very good. >> also this morning we'll take the holiday party you normally go to and give it a twist. >> yes. >> katie lee is here this morning. she's going to be making avocado orange pomegranate salsa for your holiday party and how about asian tuna meatballs.
8:32 am
>> tuna and meatballs. >> you are kidding me? >> yummy. >> she says they are yummy. >> i'm in. >> first, though, dave has a final wednesday morning check of the weather this morning. good morning. >> do you need the antlers? >> no, i do want to let jeff know, after all these years, you are a chronic bad gift giver, i just want to give you that feedback, i want to -- and thank you very much. this is the best gift you've given me in years. >> it was nice of you to let all america know that. >> i think that's how you stem the tide. we'll find out in a while. >> you have to give it back to me to give it back to her. >> done. done. let's check the weather and see what's going on across the country. hello to everyone at operation christmas child dot com. [ cheering ] >> these kids are great. you can log on, choose a gift pack. this year 250,000 gifts are going to kids like in haiti, as well, who have never received a christmas gift before. thank you for the work you do.
8:33 am
and hello to my friends from westport, connecticut right here. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. bundled up?
8:34 am
[ cheering ] >> if you are going to be on tv, you need to square your shoulders. that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry, inside to you. >> we continue our senior moment series with our print partners at "usa today" looking ahead to next months when the first baby boomers turn 65. as we get older a popular way to keep our minds fresh, to do puzzles like crosswords or sudoku. newer willologist dr. allen mast zur rec is here to tell us how much these activities really help. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> when we do a puzzle, when i do the "times" crossword, what's going on in my brain? >>s you said all of these puzzles do help to some degree and we are estimating about 78 million of us baby-boomers are
8:35 am
going to be entering the mid-60s by next year. this is a big problem we're going to have and all want to maintain memory. >> sure. >> puzzles, crossword puzzles playing cards doing various word games sue due co, are all very useful. >> in what way? simplts what happens the brain is what we call plastic can, change and mold even as we get older still the ability to learn new things. we call this nedz uroplasticity not of course made of plastic but changes in brain chemistry and size that come from from doing the new tests. puzzles are one way of doing that. way found in my practice i've done computer interactive games, computer interactive exercises where individuals will actually do it with the computer and the computer will adjust its abilities to your abilities. >> oh, okay. all right. you don't have to be intimidated, necessarily. on the other hand, while this may make us feel good, doesn't the most recent science suggest it doesn't do any good whatsoever in trying to stave
8:36 am
off the effects alzheimer's disease. >> like everything in the medical community there is always a debate. coffee is good one week, bad the next week and good again the following week. there is a plet remarks a whole group of research studies that have shown that brain training, cognitive training, is helpful in maintaining memory. now, the question is does it he prevent alzheimer's, that's really the question, that's being studied. my feeling is, if it helps, if you helps you in your day-to-day life maintaining brain function, it's got to be a no-brainer, a good thing. >> the other thing that comes out in all of these studies, though, while all of these kind of activities may be admirable in some way, probably advisable. the thing long term that keeps us sharpist our interpersonal relationships. >> correct. absolutely. i tell this to patients all the time if you don't have time to do the crossword or jumble or saw due co, you have to get out and have lunch with your friends. have that social interaction. how many of us know hour
8:37 am
parents, grandparents spending time in the house watching television, not interacting with one another. by the way, that's another reason why i'm using this computerized interactived game call cognifit -- it is useful because it interacts with the individual if he doesn't have the social network. >> the opportunity to get out and bimplsts different than a crossword puzzle, basically on paper. if the difficulty of the challenge of the exercise can be adjusted, then that is an interaction that you're having with the computer. obviously, a human interaction like we're having now is more preferable but if you can't that interaction is excellent. >> i feel smarter just having this conversation. appreciate it. thank you very much. for more on puzzles and brains and everything else you need to know before you turn 65, go to "usa" or check out our website
8:38 am
erica? prfk last christmas, i gave you my heart ♪ >> this morning in our holiday etiquette series finding the right gifts and dealing with those you don't want anyway. according to ebay 80% of the people who receive gifts don't like at least one of them and almost half either sell or re-gift those items. here with sage items -- >> good morning. >> i find this so stressful who do you give to, how much do you give, what do you spend, money or is it not. this is about et kwut, not about -- but faelg. >> etiquette is a word that scares people because it's french. i'm trying to understand what's wrong with etiquette, it's not a sexy -- like you are talking about the right fish fork and snobbism. it really isn't that at all but about making people feel good. >> obviously when you give someone a gift you want them to like it and feel g. part of the problem is knowing who you have to give gifts too.
8:39 am
who should be on our list this year, besides family and friends? >> besides family and friends, i -- i think that you have to tip or give a gift and i really shouldn't have said tip, to anybody who works with your kids. so, if your kid, for example, takes a school bus, it is nice to give the bus driver something. that would not be a job that you would want to have. kids screaming and -- so on. >> yeah. >> but that could be a cash tip. >> your tutor. >> or tutor. if they're helping your kid do better, a big gift. you know, i think if your kid is not doing so well and there's no help, then, you know, a gift is good. now, with a teacher, you're supposed to, some schools have philosophies nothing over $15 or everything should be and made or by the child. now, i have -- i have always hued to the rules there but, you know, sometimes i've gone to school with my little home-made
8:40 am
thingy and there are people with chanel bags pulling out the gifts. >> you can't compete with. >> as long as it comes from the heart, i would say -- >> exactly. >> do you give a gift to your boss? >> you have to be careful. you should give a gift to your boss if you like your boss, i think. when you gift up, a new term, you you don't want to give something so lavish, they think -- >> you're overpaid. >> exactly sxwloo and you said you shouldn't have mentioned "tip" before but there are people you tip. who is it better to give a tip to or cash gift, more like service people like your hairdresser or your babysitter? >> right. well, i think a babysitter is -- somebody who's in your house and, if you know them very well and you know that, you know, they need the money, maybe say here's a gift certificate or get yourself something that you like. or, you know, i know you need this. but, if it's somebody who you know quite well who's like a
8:41 am
hairdresser or who perhaps waxes parts or -- or, um -- you know, any of the people who touch you, i think a gift. >> an actual gift. >> also, don't forget, they know you very well. >> yes. >> don't are forget, you tell them things, you may not remember because the pain is so acute of the -- >> buy their affection. >> we have questions from viewers, actually, this one i think a lot of people can relate to about getting a gift you don't als like. which i think we might have. >> hi, my name is aman today. what i want to know how do you decide weather to gift someone a tip over the holidays or whether you give them a gift. >> you answered that question a little bit talking about people in your home, people who know you well. >> right. >> i think we had another question, i'm not sure if we have it cueed up from a viewer who wrote in asking what you do if someone every christmas she says gets my husband and i clothes that are way too big for
8:42 am
us. ho you do i tell them without being offensive. >> i don't think that's a toughy. i don't like confrontation at all i think you can call that in-law and say, mom, george and i just have been on diets and we've lost so much weight, you know, i think we're mediums, not extra larges, that's not talking about taste, just a matter of size. >> this will help you buy. >> quickly before -- >> taste is a -- >> before we let you go, you have three rules about regifting inventory so you know where it came from. >> so you don't re-gift the giver who gave you you the gift. that's recycling, too much, even al gore wouldn't do. >> that don't false advertise or pretend it is from somewhere it's not and you say be selective. >> if it's really an icky "noel" encrusted sweater. >> no one wants it. >> but it will keep somebody -- >> it will be good for your bad re-gifting party. lisa, good to have you with us.
8:43 am
>> thanks. >> as lisa told me earlier, always write a "thank you note ". >> always. how hard is that? >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by big lots for. all your holiday shopping needs, think extreme value. think big lots. >> we tend to eat and drink a lot more this time of year so if you are throwing a holiday party, do yourself and friends a favor, serve something light. our katie lee is here with simple and flavorful holiday recipes. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> what are we doing here. >> we always hear the same tips about holiday parties, you know, they say eat before you go to the party. >> drink water. >> all that. nobody listens. especially not me. i like mass quantities. i like to eat a lot, it's the holidays. instead we'll have all healthy food so we can eat as much as we want and our guests will never know the difference. >> i'm sitting here looking at a bowl of chips but i'm going to guess maybe this is not just a bowl of chips. >> those are baked chips to go
8:44 am
with our dip. we also have veggies to go with our dip. >> better off with veggies. >> this is an africa do pomegranate orange salsa. this is bright, fresh flavors of the season. we have a greek yogurt roasted red pepper dip. >> that is, good really, really good. >> glad you like it. a white bean and rosemary dip and i tookd a baked sweet potato and put it in the food processor. >> these are peppers. >> you didn't try that the beans. >> i'm not going to. >> put it on toasted multi-grain bag get and we have these cute crustinis, lots of pro taken and fiber that will help fill you up at the party. how do you like it? >> good, too. this whole section, very good. >> bright and colorful. you don't feel you are missing anything, do you?
8:45 am
>> very good section. what's next. >> next sue kuehne pinwheels. >> how did you make those. >> i used a manned o lin but decided to do that before. >> you mean that thing with that super-sharp blade. >> you can sloois your finger but use a knife. goat cheese and light cream cheese. i'll give this to you to start mixing. this is chopped frozen spinach drained nicely some. basil and some sundried tomatoes that really add a lot of flavor. >> a lot of flavor. >> garlic and a pinch of salt. >> yeah. >> so, that gets all mixed together and ends up looking like thamplsts so let's build one of these harry, move that bowl for me. >> all right. >> you take your sue kuehne and put a little bit of this spread on it, just like that. now you're going to roll it up. >> all right. >> so just start rolling. >> rolling. >> they become these cute little pinwheels. >> right. >> and they taste delicious, they look very elegant and there's nothing in this that's bad for you.
8:46 am
how do you like it? >> that's good, too. >> good. >> you would ever know it was low-fat? you get cheese and everything. >> so far, this may be your finest segment ever. >> asian tuna meatballs delicious really popular at parties but often laden with heavy sauces. i took fresh tuna put it in my food processor, you can see it gets the same consistency as grounds beef. egg, bread crumbs mix it all up, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce. >> right. >> ginger. >> liking it. >> are you liking that? >> what's that. >> this is some greated onion. >> okay. >> mixed altogether and make little meatballs like normally. roll it in sesame seeds just like this. >> okay. >> onto an oven sheet at 500 degrees for seven minutes. >> seven minutes. >> make these ahead of time and you can pop them in before. >> these are done. >> these are done. >> i store it with store-bought
8:47 am
mango chutney. yummy, nice and light. tell me if you like that. if i'll pass your test. he does like it? yes? okay. whatever, harry. >> i think they're good. >> i can't win them all. >> it's all right. >> cauliflower soup you have told me you are not into. >> not going to happen. >> i like to make it and serve it in espresso cups. >> very cute. >> that way, it's a lot easier. >> and crabcakes instead i do a crab salad, in an endive leaf and that way there's no fat and there's no extra bread. and then for drinks, make yourself a spritz zer so you can drink as much. >> a little club soda and white wine. >> there you go. way to go, dude. >> delicious. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays and eat as much as you want. >> so good. >> i'll stick to the tu tuna meatballs. >> i'll have everything down there. katie lee, appreciate it. you can find these recipes on our website, we'll be right back. you are watching "the early
8:48 am
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♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ it's easy >> central park a place near and dear to john lennon. 30 years ago tonight, that john lennon was murdered outside his apartment building here in new york city. he may be more popular now than he has ever been as a whole new generation is embracing lennon's genius. >> we asked chris carter to tell us why john lennon sgees life, death, and music still mean so much to so many. ♪ there are places i remember ♪ all my life ♪ though some have changed >> what we lost is the greatest songwriter of our generation.
8:51 am
♪ all we are saying ♪ is give peace a chance >> john lennon affected more people in a short period of time than anybody else i can think of. his loss, i think, overall, it just -- it shook every member not only of the entertainment business but pop culture, society, everybody in america. ♪ imagine all the people >> this was just like, boom, out of nowhere. and that's why so many people, you know, went to the dakota and just grieved together and it was just this incredible sea of fans, young and old. ♪ let me take you down 'cause i'm going to strawberry fields ♪ >> i think about how -- how john would be today, so many things we never got to hear from john. the possibilities were endless. you know, those were all taken
8:52 am
from us. >> and i think the loss, you know, we'll never be able to -- i don't think you can ever get that back, that feeling that you got from listening to john's music. ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ >> the dakota, where he was murdered just outside busloads of people still come there every day just to come and take a photo, go to central park to the strawberry field. >> and "imagine" the "imagine" plaque in central park, it is true, every time you go by there it is packed. >> if you get a chance today, check out that interview, his last, the one with "rolling stone," the version was released some of the comments were extraordinary. what he says, what he kind of anticipates. >> and it was the interview done three days before he died. >> it was done three days before he died. i got chills reading.
8:53 am
he died. i got chills reading. >> i think, also, part of the ,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
he it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the registered sex offender accused of molesting a toddler in union city is expected to enter a plea in court today. 36-year-old eugene ramos is accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a store where her family was shopping. the san jose city council is urging the state's high- speed rail authority to keep studying the option of an underground tunnel downtown. yesterday's vote echos concerns that an elevated track would be an eyesore. the rail authority says a tunnel would cost the city an extra $2 billion in construction costs. an hosting the america's cup could mean building a section cruise terminal in san francisco. the board of supervisors will meet today to discuss the proposal and other financial impacts. san francisco is in the running
8:56 am
to host that sailing race in 2013. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. highway 4, unusually slow ride. it's always backed up.
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it's extra backed up right now. slow from lone tree way to willow pass and a new accident reported westbound 4 approaching railroad. the peninsula not looking better. southbound 101 in menlo park approaching marsh, we have an accident southbound 101 in redwood city approaching woodside road. we have a new accident there blocking languages. 280 looks like the best bet along the stretch backups of a new accident this blocking lanes. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. still pretty wet out there and it is still coming down. heavy rainfall through petaluma, moving into novato and also looking at a line of heavy rainfall just off the coastline here moving in towards san rafael, mill valley and san francisco. forecast for today, rainfall expected during the day. the entire day. highs in the upper 50s. rain will start to taper off to showers tomorrow thursday and friday, sunny and warm on the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
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